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The Finest Magnetic Therapy Products in the World from Colantotte,

Exclusive to Trion:Z

Colantotte are undisputed leaders in the field of magnetic therapy products. Best sellers worldwide, used by millions who believe in their capacity to ease pain, improve performance and create a feeling of wellbeing. Colantotte magnets are recognised as the world leader.

Trion:Z offer this exclusive range of bespoke, stylish and highly effective products, designed and handcrafted in Japan, for men and women who want to enjoy the wide range of benefits while wearing a prestigious and elegant piece of jewellery.

The range comprises necklaces and bracelets which have taken the eastern world by storm. Now available in Europe for the first time, these beautifully designed and beautifully crafted products are bound to be in great demand. In fact, reaction has been so positive and almost overwhelming that we have had to put these products on 21-day delivery rather than our usual next day.

Colantotte products costing £50 or more include delivery with Royal Mail Tracking completely FREE


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