Colantotte MAG Supporter Waist Belt

The Colantotte Mag Supporter Waist Belt incorporates advanced, strategically positioned magnets that work in harmony with your body.

  • There are 20 magnets in total, 10 magnets each on two sheets, which are placed in Althernating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO) along the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius of the buttocks.
  • The waist belt can improve circulation and relieves stiffness.
  • The plate is placed to support the sacroilac joint and holds the waist part widely firmly.
  • The tightening of the dual-belt structure can be adjusted.
  • The material used for the main body is well breathable mesh processing which prevents is from becoming stuffy, and means it can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.

Size Guide

  • S: Waist 65-85cm
  • M: Waist 80-100cm
  • L: Waist 95-115cm

We recommend choosing the larger size.