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From your morning routine to your before-bed rituals, practice these tips to start seeing results! #HealthyLife

What do the bacteria on the skin do? A new study, published in the journal Science Advances, revealed that a specific type of skin bacteria actually protects us against cancers like melanoma.

What would the World Ranking look like if they had to carry their own bags? No caddies. Like going back to college golf.

#MagneticTherapy is gaining ground in orthopaedics. Pulsed electromagnetic fields have proven success in helping bone fractures knit together!

Whether you're a veteran runner or a beginner who is still getting acquainted with the sport, you could probably use a few pointers when it comes to taking your cardio outside. #HealthyLifestyle

Help your body to produce more endorphins (which are known as natural painkillers) naturally with #MagneticTherapy!

Thinking about buying Trion:Z CAMO-LOOP? Read our latest review of the product by via @yotpo

A new study finds that vegetarian diets may be just as good at keeping your heart healthy, according to a study published in the journal Circulation.

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