Colantotte TAO RAFFI Necklace

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Colantotte magnetic therapy RAFFI necklace combines elegance with performance

  • This new construction provides an independent loop and top, so you can fit it softly and gently around your neck.
  • With a slim, 4mm diameter loop and a top that doubles as a connecting joint, this new design may be unfastened from either the left or the right. The hands of a master craftsman painstakingly polished the top in order to reveal the platinum-like shine within.
  • This device was named “RAFFI” after “RAFFINATO,” the Italian word for elegance. The name was inspired out of a desire to make a more elegant device that people could wear daily.
  • With smooth lines and a balanced, simple design, this necklace coordinates well with formal attire. After all, RAFFI means “elegant.”
  • Colantotte TAO RAFFI necklace is an authorised Japanese medical device. The resin-coated plastic thread magnets apply a 55mT magnetic field spaced 10mm apart via independent, alternating north-south polarity orientation technology.
  • With TAO technology, you feel the effect as soon as you put it on.