Colantotte THEO Necklace LUSSO

The Colantotte THEO Necklace LUSSO is a high-spec magnetic necklace which combines the 170mT anistropic ferrite magnets and 100mT isotropic ferrite magnets together.

It improves circulation and relieves stiffness via Colantotte patented alternating north-south polarity orientation technology.

The necklace loop has 36-surface mirror cut magnets and 24-surface matte coated magnets. By applying these two types of magnets, the stereoscopic effect is generated, and it adds to the luxury feel of the product.

High quality stainless steel is used for all of the metallic parts of the necklace, which is kind to the skin, so it can be worn at ease.

The Colantotte THEO Necklace Lusso is available in both Black and Gold.