Colantotte Necklace ALT

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  • The joint angle is variable and it enables the user to enjoy the 2 shape-types to match with their feelings and occasions. By fastening the joint in different angles, the necklace provides the sharp impression in V-Shape, and neat impression in Linear-shape.
  • Ten pieces of 150mT (1500G) rare-earth permanent magnets are embedded in silicone loop. The magnets are placed in the silicone loop to along the neck, it improves circulation and relieves stiffness both neck and shoulders.
  • The top joint is made of tough and rust-resistant stainless steel SUS316L. The mirror-like finished shiny joint sets the high-grade impression. The Gold and Black color of the joint is coated by Ion-Plating which has high durability.
  • The necklace loop is φ4 slim type and not obtrusive, and two sizes are made available for a flexible selection.
  • Since the joint is placed in the front and it is magnet type, the users could fastened and unfastened easily in daily use.
  • Silicone is a water- and sweat-resistant material commonly used in various sport scenes.


  • M – 47cm
  • L – 51cm