Colantotte Sports Pro Wear Long Top

Colantotte Sports Long Top.

Colantotte magnetic sportswear is a world leader in its field and a recognised medical device in Japan.

Unique and patented “ANSPO” magnetic orientation is  effective in relieving muscle stiffness, actually caring for your body while exercising.

The top contains 20 pieces of ferrite permanent magnets which are located in the upper pectoral muscle areas on the left and right sides of the top.

Powernet is used on the back to support the erector spince muscles, which are deeply involved in the movement from the neck to the pelvis.

The 4-WAY stretching material ensures a comfortable fit, as it expands and contracts according to the movement of the body during exercise.

Available in two colours and 3 sizes. Please note that they are Japanese sizes, so refer to the size guide before ordering.