Colantotte TAO ARAN Necklace

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Colantotte TAO Aran Necklace

The unique design of the Colantotte TAO Aran necklace combines the “C” and “O” in Colantotte to create a beautiful symmetrical design which can add a touch of simple class to any situation.

The glossy mirror finish attracts the eye and immediately impresses, adding flair and elegance to any outfit.

The magnetic flux density of 65mT offers an extremely strong magnetic force, to provide a very potent effect. The 65mT magnets are arranged throughout the entire loop in Colantotte’s unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™). The magnetic force affects a broad area, improving circulation and alleviating stiffness throughout the entire neck.

Key Features

  • Contains 65mT magnets spaced 10mm apart throughout the neck loop in Colantotte’s unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation. This layout allows the magnetic force to affect a large area and improve blood circulation and alleviate stiffness in the worn area.
  • The magnetic flux density of 65mT is the highest in the TAO necklace series.
  • Within the 4-mm diameter loop, the ball joints meet at the pendant and can be unfastened from either the left or the right. The loop and pendant area are independent from one another, giving it the flexibility needed to fit snugly around your neck and feel gentle against your skin.
  • The pendant and joints are made from corrosion-resistant, high-quality stainless steel (SUS316L). Everything is individually machined by hand, and the finishing touches are carefully applied.

The Colantotte TAO Aran product name is derived from the “Aran pattern”, a knitted pattern created on the Aran Islands in Ireland.

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