Becoming a retailer partner is straightforward, fill in your details below so that we can contact you with more information. We will ask further questions about your type of business, and we may require photos and a website link, to advise you on product selection and merchandising packages to suit. We aim to come back to you within 24hrs (Mon-Fri). Due to the appeal and interest in our products from a varied consumer profile, we are interested in retail partnerships, in sport, fitness, pharmacy, health and wellness, running, cycling, golf, cricket, racket sports, gifts, garden centre’s etc…

We class a ‘Retailer Partner’ as someone who places regular orders, no less than twice per year and holds a minimum of 20+ items in stock.

Becoming a Distributor or Sales Agent for Trion:Z is something we welcome within the UK, the EU and in some rest of the world countries such as USA, Canada and Australia. Please send us your contact details and information on you / your company, it is also helpful to know of other products you promote and into what type of outlets. We very much look forward to working with you.

    NOTE: We do not permit selling our new and current ranges on online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.