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The true meaning of Zen is to free the mind from distractions.

Achieving Zen can help resolve conflict, and focus on things that matter right now.

Our unique, individual range of Zen-Z magnetic therapy can help you think more clearly.

Magnetic therapy is used by millions of people worldwide who believe in its ability to ease pain and help engender a feeling of wellbeing. Trion:Z, an authorised health product in its homeland of Japan, is the best-selling range in Europe. Based on our knowledge and experience, we developed the Zen-Z magnetic bracelets range of products in which the benefit is delivered by Four Hematite Magnetic Beads to assist with circulation and healing.

Zen-Z has been planned and developed to provide a bespoke range of elegant, luxury wrist-wear that is the perfect combination of style and comfort with an added holistic, health and well-being benefit.To help achieve this, we source and use ancient stones and metals that have been used in jewellery for thousands of years.

All our pieces are limited editions individually designed, and hand made to ensure they are unique and special to resonate with the inner zen of each individual. Beautiful, understated colours combine with carefully made icons and the finest quality of magnets to produce a magnetic bracelet that is at once attractive, a joy to wear and highly effective.

The timeless message is consistently clear: if you want to feel good, live in the moment. None of us is free from stress in this world, but, thankfully, there is a way to find your inner zen with a little help from Zen-Z.