Flogging your body to the limits of human endurance sounds horrendous to most, so why it is that Britain’s multisport community, and Triathlon in particular, has seen double digit growth in 2013?

No doubt the Olympic factor is to be considered, but this is no ‘let’s play tennis during Wimbledon’ phase, according to the Triathlon Industry Association, which comprises event organisers, equipment manufacturers, tour operators, retailers, distributors and media.

The interim research results of the TIA’s annual triathlete survey have shown a significant increase in all types of race start – sprint, Olympic, middle and long distance – during 2013 compared with 2012, with the average number of events entered rising to 1.8, compared to 1.6 in 2012.

The British Triathlon Federation agrees, estimating a 16 per cent rise in 2014 participation to 110,000 active triathletes.
New entrants to Triathlon are on the increase too, with the TIA study finding 48 per cent of respondents had started their triathlon journey within the last three years.

Road cyclists and runners are now keener than ever to combine their specialist disciplines with other activities, with Triathlon ticking all the boxes.

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