This triathlon season, ensure you attain peak performance as you cycle, swim and run, with Trion:Z: the number one sports health bracelet.

Medically-approved* and supported by clinical trials*, Trion:Z’s range of negative ionic wristbands are the accessory of choice for many triathletes and sportsmen around the world including Olympian triathletes Stuart Hayes, Michelle Dillon, Emma Pallant, triathlete world-record holders Yvonne Van Vlerken, Per Bitner and Petr Vabrusec. These iconic sporting professionals all recognise the benefits of Trion:Z’s unique technology and wear the bracelets to help improve their sporting performance.

Building upon over 15 years of experience and recent research findings, Trion:Z has re-launched its award-winning range of bracelets with the arrival of their Duo-loop and Acti-loop bracelets, which feature their unique patented Polarised Pod and ANSPO Technology for enhanced performance. The new 2014 collection comes in an array of stunning colours and designs to enable you to stay stylish and sporty.

The brand’s re-launch coincides with the publication of new research which highlights the benefits of Trion:Z technology to improve mobility, performance and flexibility whilst reducing the risk of pain and injury. All of these significant factors will ensure you attain your personal best during triathlon season.

All bracelets feature their renowned, patented, powerful Colantotte magnets with pods that are infused with a higher number of negative ions to promote improved wellbeing and lifestyle benefits. These stimulate and provide beneficial magnetic energy over a larger surface area to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and decrease muscle discomfort often caused by lactic acid to enhance performance and wellbeing.

So whether you’re looking to swim further and faster, accelerate your cycling speed or improve your running time, wearing Trion:Z can help you perfect your performance.

The Duo-Loop retails for £19.99 and the Acti-Loop retail for £24.99.

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