Six Plant-Based Reasons To Go Vegan

If a slim waistline, reduced blood pressure, and a boost of energy is what you’re in need of, then maybe a vegan diet is perfect for you. It seems like every other day there’s a news story talking about the health risks of eating the wrong diet. Plant-based diets are having their moment in the limelight, so is there more to being vegan than just not eating animals?

Stop Counting Calories

People are obsessed with calorie counting. Yet studies have shown that vegan diets are a more effective way to lose weight than other calorie controlled diets. Eating by the vegan guidelines eliminates most of the unhealthy foods which cause weight gain therefore calorie cutting is not actively needed. A vegan diet consists of only plants such as vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts therefore calorie intake can often be much lower than your regular 2000 calorie diet.

Protection Against Cancer

We’ve all seen the news reports talking about the correlation between bacon and cancer, but in contrast reports suggest that a vegan diet can contribute to the prevention of certain cancer diseases with some even becoming reversed by the intake of only plant based foods. This includes breast, prostate and colon illnesses. Since fruits and vegetables are full of super nutrients and contain anti-oxidant properties which help to strengthen the immune system while helping the body to fight unwanted diseases.

Healthy Hair, Healthy Skin

A lot can be said about healthy hair and skin and that ‘glow’ that no amount of cleansing and moisturising can achieve. Show some dietary appreciation for nuts, fruits and vegetables such as Soy Beans, almonds and tomatoes and not only will your skin be glowing, but your hair won’t be far behind.

Energy Boost

The main question when it comes to a vegan diet surrounds the perceived lack of protein and energy. Will I feel full of energy without meat? Well the honest answer is, yes! For an energy boost vegan is best. The process of digestion of plant-based foods comes more naturally to the body meaning that not only is less energy used, but more is taken from the food itself.

Healthy Heart

We all know about the risks that high cholesterol and blood pressure can bring. Eating a plant-based diet has been linked with lowering blood pressure, blood sugars and cholesterol thanks to an increased intake of wholegrains and nuts.

Live Longer

Several studies have suggested that following a vegan lifestyle will reward you with a longer life expectancy. Figures show an impressive six-year difference between those who eat a plant based diet, when compared to carnivores.