Do You Dare To Go Dairy Free?

Nutritionally speaking, dairy could be regarded as a bad idea. Almost half of the calories that go into whole milk are considered fat and nearly all of its carbohydrates are classed as sugar in the form of lactose, which is difficult to digest. Dairy has been known to be deeply problematic for your health including chronic congestion and digestive complications and furthermore, dairy products contain no fibre or iron and is therefore lacking in vital nutrients which your body needs to operate efficiently.

It’s not only humans being affected by the dairy craze. There are several ethical questions regarding the dairy business, none more pressing than the quality of life of the farm’s favourite animal. Many dairy cows are being deprived the opportunity to graze outdoors, instead being confined to stalls on factory farms with a life expectancy of only a quarter of a cow living life in the great outdoors.

Combining the ethical and nutritional implications of supporting dairy, it is clear to see why so many people have been swayed to cut dairy out of their diets for good. However, the big question is what will replace those creamy rich comfort foods that we have all grown to love and depend on. It would seem a crime to refuse a Mr Whippy on a summers day, and crackers without cheese is a major offence, let alone cereal without milk!

But there’s no need to worry because every dairy product has a cruelty free alternative. Cow’s milk can be replaced with soy, rice and nut milk which is even available in a variety of flavours.

Butter is a key ingredient to add flavour to a meal therefore an alternative must be found… there are now non-dairy butters which are made from vegetable or coconut oils.

The current generation seems to add cheese to everything, therefore a replacement is urgently needed, although the taste may not be as gripping, non-dairy substitutes are becoming more competitive in the market. Such as cheeses which are made from soy or nuts.

A round up of all the alternatives to common dairy foods would be incomplete without including ice cream, our top non-dairy options include sorbets and ice creams made from non-dairy milks.

The question is do you dare to go dairy free?