We delve into those headline claims with a critical eye. Do superfoods really cure cancer, reduce aging and prompt weight loss? The term superfood is defined as a food with ‘supposed’ health benefits, however I use the term supposed loosely due to the consistent dispute by many dieticians and nutritionists.

The buzzword of 2017 is causing scenes on the food and health industry, with the media adding to the mayhem branding fruits such as blueberries and avocado’s as brain food. Now don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t think of anything more pleasing than preventing aging and curing cancer for good, however are we just a generation that believes everything we read?

While the fight against cancer is still apparent, researches insist eating foods such as broccoli and blueberries can increase your protection against the disease. Now this doesn’t mean that these individual foods will protect you, however it suggests that maintaining a balanced diet filled with such foods, will help lower the risk of such illnesses.  The science behind this states that said foods contain cancer fighting properties which neutralise the damaged areas.

Now this is one for all you senior dreamers who fantasize about having your children’s youthful glow. Certain superfoods will leave you complexion looking as smooth as a baby bum, as the saying goes… Start by adding foods such as tomatoes, mixed nuts and pomegranate to your shopping basket. These edible delights combine high vitamin C levels with ellagic acid to ensure silky soft skin. Its widely known that these foods help you to stay healthy but who knew that they could help you stay young too!

Trigger your weight loss efforts alongside the superfoods which are renowned to help meet your targets. Grapefruit, salmon and oats can all help to move your scale in a positive direction without working up a sweat. These superfoods contribute to boosting your metabolism which allows fat to be burned quicker alongside fatty cravings to be reduced.

But with the collection of contradictory headlines, who knows what to believe?