If you slip out of the exercise regime, it can be difficult to get keeping fit back on track.

If you are struggling to start afresh with your exercise programme, following these simple tips could help.

1 – Recruit a friend

Persuading a friend to join you on your exercising venture will help spur you on to get you motivated. Exercising is more fun when you are accompanied with a friend, and you will be less likely to ‘put it off’.

2 – Timing is important

Plan to go for a swim, jog, walk or down the gym when you are not bogged down with a million and one other things to do.

Make your return to exercise on a Sunday morning or Friday evening instead of a Monday morning or Wednesday lunch time, when you will be more likely to put it off because you have a mound of work to do.

3 – Start off gradually

You can lose your fitness quite quickly, and if it has been a while since you last exercised, the prospect of a ten mile run may fill you with dread, causing you to keep putting it off. Start off realistically, such as a twenty minute walk with gentle one minute jogging intervals, and you will be more inclined to get started again.

4 – Make exercise fun

One of the main reasons people struggle to get back into an exercise regime is that they simply don’t enjoy it. Finding a form of exercise that you do enjoy is imperative if you are to get your fitness levels back up. If swimming, jogging or lifting weights is not your thing, then you may prefer to join a yoga class. See what different options and classes your local gym offers.

5 – Avoid unrealistic goals

Telling yourself that you will lose two stone and two dress sizes by next week is unrealistic and will only make you frustrated and disenchanted. Set yourself realistic goals and they will be much easier to achieve and will make you more inclined to get your exercise regime back on track.