Being healthy needs to start at an early age. Here are Trion:Z’s top 10 tips to keep kids healthy.

1) Set a good example. Parents need to set a good example to their children and this includes living a healthy lifestyle.

If your children see you eating fruit, vegetables and exercising they get to think of these things as normal aspects of life.

There is no more influential role model to a child than a parent.

2) 5-a-day. Getting your children into the habit of consuming their 5 portions of fruit and vegetables is extremely important.

Encourage them to snack on fruit rather than crisps or other sweets and start early in the day. If you can get them to drink a fruit smoothie for breakfast then they’re on the way to their 5 portions very quickly. Try to include some fruit or vegetables in every meal they eat.

You can add banana to their cereal, tomato to a sandwich and put some grapes or apple in their lunches.

3) Drink lots of water. Water plays a vital role in so many of the body’s everyday processes.

Keeping hydrated is very important for optimal health and fore energy levels. Encourage your children to drink at least 5-6 glasses of water a day while limiting their consumption of sugary drinks.

4) Active family days. Finding the time for family days can be difficult for many families with busy schedules, but setting aside one or two days a month for active family days is a great way to keep the whole family healthy. Good healthy days out include going for walks, cycling or horse riding.

5) Sit down together for meal times. Meal times should be viewed as sociable events when the whole family and spend time together. With busy lifestyles, there is a temptation to ‘eat-on-the-run’ and no take the time to enjoy meals with the family. Try to eat at least one meal together each day.

6) Sociable. Being socially active and making lots of friends is associated with good health. Encourage your children to join sport clubs or dance groups, these combine physical activity with making friends.

7) Get them involved in cooking. A great way of getting your children interested in food s to encourage them to get involved with cooking. A temptation when doing this is to make cakes and sweets with your children, but try to cook healthier options with them such as home made pizzas or healthy pasta.

8) Exercise with them. Join in with your kids sports and activities. Children like to have fu and exercise with their parents so find something that you all like doing and take the time to get fit together.

9) Offer a wide variety of sports. Children all have different likes and dislikes and this includes sports. It is important to find your child a sport that they enjoy so, from a early age, introduce them to a wide range of sports and activities so they can get the opportunity to find which ones they like the most.

10) Let them try all foods. Introduce a wide variety of foods to your children from an early age. Don’t limit their foods to just the foods that you like to eat. Children are wiling to try most foods and studies have shown that the more flavours and tastes they are exposed to at a young age, the greater variety of foods they are likely to eat as they grow up.

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