Thinking of taking up a new activity this month? How about yoga, and no… it’s not just for girls!

If you are new to yoga then this is the perfect time for you to find your inner Zen!

September is officially National Yoga Month, designated by the department of health and human services, designed to educate and inspire yoga within a healthy active lifestyle. Yoga isn’t just a physical exercise programme, it’s a scientific system full of health benefits that is split into two sections; physical and mental.

Physical Benefits

The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga can help to reduce chronic pains such as arthritis, headaches and lower back pain. Other physical benefits include increased muscle strength, weight reduction, and improved blood circulation.

Mental Benefits

Aside from the physical benefits, one of the main advantages of yoga is how it helps a person to manage stress and find inner peace.

Yoga is a historic form of exercise which dates back to 300BC in India. Over the years it has been adapted in a variety of ways and now focuses on 3 key components – strength, flexibility and breathing – in order to boost your physical and mental wellbeing.

Nowadays, women and men of all ages enjoy practicing yoga through meditation, where a collection of physical postures are designed to purify the body and significantly increase strength and stamina.

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