Trion:Z Single Loop Necklace

The Single Loop Necklace combines the same “Mineon Health Fibre ®”, used in our original Dual Loop Bands, which releases 50 to 100 times more negative ions than other similar products, with 4 sets of twin 1,000 Gauss therapeutic magnets. This stylish and powerful design makes these necklaces the perfect solution for targeting the upper back, shoulder and neck areas.

  • Single Loop Neck Band of Mineon Health® Negative-Ion producing material
  • 8 x 1,000 Gauss Magnets with patented ANSPO technology
  • Ball-and-socket style clasp for easy opening and closing
  • Colour and size combinations perfect for all

The Single Loop necklace targets Trion:Z’s patented magnet therapy technology to neck, shoulder and back areas. Using four sets of twin 1,000 Gauss magnets and unique negative ion releasing ‘Mineon Fibres’, the Single Loop is ideal for everyday wear.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.