Colantotte Necklace LUCE α Matte

LUCE a Matte Necklace

Ideal for both men and women who seek a feel of real luxury. At the same time, the matte coated LUCE a Matte communicates a simple and casual taste.

  • To maximise the texture and effect of the matte finish, each magnet is cut with 24 surfaces.
  • The powerful Colantotte magnets are matte coated and cut with multiple surfaces.
  • Our extremely popular LUCE necklace has been updated in both design and magnetic power, and is lighter to provide a wonderful wearing feel and design.
  • Sizes M:43cm(17 inches) L:47cm (18.5 inches) LL:51cm (20 inches)
  • Magnet/ Ferrite permanent magnets are embedded with the unique Colantotte Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO) .
  • 100 magnets for M size, 110 for L size and120 for LL size.
  • Stylish Easy to Use Clasp in Stainless Steel and Brass with rhodium plating.
  • The wire core is Stainless Steel with a Nylon Coating.
  • The magnetic force spreads in three dimensions, improving circulation and relieving stiffness.
  • The LUCE a Matte necklace is a registered Japanese medical device
  • Colantotte Necklace LUCE a Matte features up to 120 world leading Colantotte 100mT magnets, the most powerful in the Colantotte range.