[vc_row type=”container” padding_top=”” padding_bottom=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]Nutrition plays a vital role in any athlete’s ability to perform to at their best. Here are our top 5 sports nutrition tips:

1. Hydration. Water is the most important substance for optimal health and performance. Just a small drop in hydration, as little as 1-2%, can significantly affect the body’s ability to perform. Ensure that you drink sufficient water throughout the day and consume additional amounts during and after strenuous exercise.

2. Eat natural. Focus your diet around consuming natural foods including large amounts of fruit and vegetables. Many processed foods contain large amounts of additives and chemicals. These can pollute your body and inhibit the natural processes taking place in its cells.

3. Be prepared. Planning meals in advance is very important for athletes with busy schedules. Try to ensure that you know what you will be eating over the coming few days. This ensures that you won’t get caught without the right foods available to you as lack of preparation this can lead to poor diet choices.

4. Correct pre and post workout foods. Athletes need to consume the right foods before and after exercise in order for their bodies to be able to function well during exercise and also to recover following activity. Muscle is built in the hours following exercise, so eating the right foods with a good blend of carbohydrate and protein, is crucial in order to allow the muscles to grow and strengthen.

5. Concentrate on food not supplements. Many athletes make the mistake of spending lots of money on expensive supplements and powders to boost their nutrition, but pay little attention to the foods they eat. An athlete may benefit from certain supplements, but before reaching for the pills and powders it is important to get your food intake right. This means consuming a natural based diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and beans and pulses.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]



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