The Benefits Of Magnetic Therapy On Wellbeing & Sports Recovery

Many people assume that magnetic therapy and the use of negative ions are alternative treatments yet, far from being a bit ‘woo’, they are used in mainstream medicine with valuable results.

Magnetism is a natural phenomenon in which certain materials have the ability to attract or repel each other. These physical effects, due to the spin of unpaired electrons, can interact with body cells to stimulate blood flow, and the regeneration of damaged tissues. Within the UK, a magnetic wrap containing static magnets is even available on the NHS Drug Tariff as a medical device and can be prescribed by doctors to treat chronic leg ulcers. In 2006, it was estimated that continuing to use this magnetic device after the leg ulcers had healed could save the NHS £153.7 million per year by helping to prevent leg ulcer recurrences.

Magnetic therapy is gaining ground in orthopaedics, too. Pulsed electromagnetic fields have proven success in helping bone fractures knit together – even those that have failed to unite with standard care. This approach has also shown success in reducing inflammation, swelling and pain, and speeding recovery after knee, ankle, shoulder and hip surgery.


I have used magnetic therapy for over twenty years, and found personal benefit from wearing a Trion:Z bracelet that generates both a magnetic field and negative ions. Although many people like to rubbish the use of these innovative approaches for well-being, I urge you to try it for yourself and form a genuine opinion without jumping to a knee-jerk conclusion.


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