Colantotte Maginsole

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Therapy for your whole body from the sole upwards. Maginsole magnetic therapy insoles bring quick and longlasting relief.

The importance of the sole of the foot is well known and is the subject of highly successful reflexology treatments.

Aches and pains in almost any part of the body can be caused by discomfort in the foot or poor posture caused by foot problems.

NEW Maginsole has a unique design structure which absorbs the impact of the foot and improves posture reducing stress and relieving pain.

What’s more, each Maginsole is fitted with 6 Colantotte magnets, set in our unique Alternating North South Pole Orientation, improving circulation, reducing tension and relieving stiffness.

UK Size European Size
3 – 5
5.5 – 7
35 – 38
38.5 – 40.5

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