It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and here at Trion:Z HQ, we wanted to do our bit for your mental health.

Wearing TrionZ can improve your mental health.

That’s a quite a bold statement, but this is why………..

Ours brains and bodies are uniquely linked. Think about a time when you were struggling to move, and or exercise; maybe you had an injury or something more chronic like joint pain that felt particularly bad.

I suspect that at this time you felt quite low and unmotivated and couldn’t really be bothered to do much. Maybe your sleep was disturbed, and you overate or didn’t want to eat much at all. You possibly felt like life was a bit out of control and this made you feel stressed or anxious.

All classic signs of stress and low mood.

It’s been proven (citation below) that the same static magnets that are in Trion:Z, reduce pain and inflammation, therefore helping you to move and exercise more easily.  If you want to feel happier and move around with more ease, have a look at which Trion:Z product you would like to wear.

Trion:Z, making you feel happier and stronger.

Harlow, T., Greaves, C., White, A., Brown, L., Hart, A., & Ernst, E. (2004). Randomised controlled trial of magnetic bracelets for relieving pain in osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. Bmj, 329(7480), 1450-1454.



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