Pamper your pooch this christmas & give a gift that lasts… Have you discovered the Trion:Z dog collar yet?

As the cold dark nights draw in and the countdown to Christmas continues, it’s time to prepare for the winter season. But amongst the gifts you’re gathering for your friends and family, have you stopped to consider treating your four-legged friends? And by that, we mean your dog!

Trion:Z have the perfect stocking filler to aid your furry friends vitality and sense of well-being. Introducing natural energy into your pet’s life with the Trion:Z Pet Collar! Our unique Pet Collars have been designed with both magnet and ionic properties, using the highest quality materials to create a gift that is worth investing in for your pooch.

Trion:Z’s Pet Collar is made from a high-quality durable fabric, with up to four North/South alternating magnets placed inside the material and fixed around the length of the collar. Magnetic therapy and the interaction between the iron containing red blood cells allows for increased circulation of the blood. The unique field of magnetism is designed to balance your dog’s body, and relieve pain in joints.

The collar has a wide bandwidth for extra comfort around your dog’s neck and increased support when using a lead due to the sturdy D-ring. A strong and adjustable strap ensures that the collar will stay in position and at the desirable size around their neck to prevent any problems arising due to snagging or extending.

It’s not just us humans who deserve a present at Christmas time; your pet’s should too! After all, they are part of the family. So why not give your much loved canine’s a trusted Trion:Z treat? Click here to find out more and SAVE 10% OFF your first purchase with code: WOOF.