I’m always inspired to play tennis when I watch Wimbledon.

When I had both my hips re-surfaced with steel joints I didn’t think this would be possible again.

I was introduced to magnetic therapy and after wearing and sleeping with the bracelet and necklace for a month, I was blown away by the results. The transformation was unbelievable and within a month I had less pain.

Now I play both Tennis and Padel on a regular basis, without my knees and hips complaining.

I’m convinced that wearing the Trion:Z bracelet makes a difference to me playing sport.

Many of our customers agree with me:

“…after just a week feeling a big improvement in my back”

“I noticed a difference within the first 24 hours after wearing it. More energy and less lower back pain.”

Awesome wrist band and back pain massively reduced if not disappeared some days”

I may not be playing at Wimbledon anytime soon, but I’m very happy I can still play tennis.

Does Wimbledon inspire you to dust off the tennis racquet? 

Paul – CEO




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