National Golf Lovers Day is celebrated on the 4th October; this is every golf enthusiast’s favourite day of the year, it’s like Christmas for golf lovers!

In honour of this precedented day for golfers, here’s 10 of the most eye-opening facts you may not be aware of!

Did you know…

1) There are over 2,500 golf courses in Britain, therefore it would take an impressive 48 years for an avid golf player to play at every ground, if they played just once a week!

2)  To this day, golf is one of only two sports to be played on the moon – yes, the moon! Along with the javelin throw… impressive!

3) Approximately 125,000 balls are hit into the surrounding water each year at the famous 17th hole of the Stadium Course at Sawgrass.

4) In September 1974, Michael Austin got the longest recorded drive, at 515 yards at the US National Seniors Open Championships.

5) If you choose to walk around an 18 hole course, you will not only walk 4 miles but in doing so will burn around 2000 calories.

6) The largest sand pit (bunker) is 585 yards at the 7th hole of the Pine Valley course in new jersey!

7) Lou Kretlow hit the longest hole-in-one to be recorded, 427 yards at Lake Hefner Course in Oklahoma.

8)The fastest golf drive is 217.1 mph and was achieved by Ryan Winther at the Orange County National Driving Range in January 2013.

9) No player has ever won all four Grand Slam Tournaments in one year; this consists of The Masters Tournament, The US Open, The Open Championships and the PGA Championships.

10) The longest golf course in the world is the international golf club in Massachusetts, which comprises a par 77 course measuring 8,325 yards.

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