The authorities are advocating social distancing to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19. This includes steering clear of public places, avoiding large gatherings (no more than 2 people) and maintaining two metres of personal space from others.

There are times when you need to leave the house, and you are allowed to do so for exercise and essential shopping. There are steps you can take to avoid bringing germs home with you.

  1. First, Determine Whether Leaving Home Is Essential

Before you set foot outside, be sure the trip is absolutely necessary.

Even if you’re able to work from home, you still have basic needs to meet and essential errands to run: replenishing groceries, picking up medication or taking your dog out to do its business are all unavoidable, valid reasons to leave your home.

If you need to get some fresh air to preserve your sanity and reduce your stress levels, as long as your time out there falls in alignment with social distancing.

  1. Be Prepared

How can you minimise your time in completing your tasks? How can you avoid close contact with others or large groups?

Though you may not be able to completely evade interactions with others, try to time your trips during non-peak hours when fewer people are out and about.

And always pack hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes and tissues.

Equally important, adopt the mindset, “I must not touch my face.” Make it your mantra.

Remember: Many pathogens get into our bodies through our eyes, nose and mouth, so keeping your fingers away from these points of entry is paramount.

Wash your hands before you leave the house and immediately when you return to avoid spreading germs.

  1. Take a Breath


If this pandemic is producing feelings of panic, you’re not alone.

And stepping outside your home — i.e., your protective bubble — can feel scary and unsafe.

That’s why it’s important to breathe and centre yourself. Take a moment to steady yourself before you leave the house.

  1. As Soon as You Return, Clean and Disinfect

Even if you practised social distancing, chances are you still encountered someone else’s germs somewhere along the way.

On returning home, immediately go to the sink and wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water (even before putting groceries away) so you don’t spread any germs around your home,

  1. Stay Up-to-Date on the Guidelines

Lastly, as the situation continues to evolve rapidly, so do the safety guidelines and recommendations. Stay informed by checking with reputable sources.

Try to ignore any unsafe sources such as you might find on social media.

  1. Keep Yourself Feeling Good

Eating well and enjoying your food is crucial, especially the intake of immune-inducing foodstuffs such as fresh vegetables, fruit and fish.

Do try to get some mental exercise as well as keeping moving. Crosswords, puzzles, jigsaws, online games and the like all help stretch those little grey cells.

This might also be the time to get that to do list worked on – decorating, gardening, fixing that scratch on the car – are all great ways to do something which is both useful and satisfying.

Finally, above all, stay happy. Keep in touch with friends and family through the innumerable communication channels we have at our fingertips. Especially make sure you keep in touch with those more vulnerable than yourself – the aged, the lonely and the infirm should be high on our list.

See you “on the other side”!

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