Regardless of the sport, professional athletes and coaches alike are often found discussing the ways to build an aggregation of marginal gains. From eating right to wearing the perfect underwear, marginal gains can be made throughout your game and preparation and whilst in isolation they may seem insignificant, get them all right and you can see your performance vastly improve.

These are not solely restricted to physical changes to your play, but more often than not come from within. Equipment aside, your general wellbeing and state of mind have the biggest impact. Confidence is key – or so the saying goes – and it’s hard to deny the influence of feeling at your best. When Leicester won the Premier League title in 2016, each point gave them the confidence to get over the line. When Sergio Garcia took the Green Jacket in Augusta he had added motivation that Rose didn’t; the 60th birthday of Spain’s last champion, Seve Ballesteros.

How Can TRION:Z Help?

Whilst those types of marginal gains cannot be bought or worked towards, many can. In sport, many athletes have turned to TRION:Z. The revolutionary Magnetic Therapy bracelets utilising rare-earth magnets and ANSPO technology to boost the body’s negative ion count, increase mobility and speed up recovery times between games. With athletes including PGA Tour golfer Andy Sullivan and World Squash Champions Nick Matthew and Laura Massaro all advocates, the proof is in their performances.