While a Trion:Z bracelet isn’t for everyone, there are several types of people who may benefit from the natural healing powers of negative ions or magnetic therapy. And thankfully, there is a style to fit every one of these types, with a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. Here are just a few of the ways a Trion:Z could benefit you.

You Train More than a Few Times a Week

If you’re a competitive golfer who plays multiple rounds a week, or training for a marathon; Trion:Z users report through unsolicited testimonials’ that Trion:Z may alleviate aches and pains associated with repeated vigorous exercise, and could possibly reduce recovery time between workouts.

You Sometimes Have Trouble Sleeping

Many of us struggle with consistently getting a restful night’s sleep. Kids, dogs, and spouses, while wonderful forces in our lives, can disrupt sleep, as well as other environmental factors.

Negative ions, however, have been found to promote better sleep, due to their effect of normalising serotonin production by the pineal gland located in the brain.

You Engage in Activities Requiring Mental Agility

Focus is key whether it be on the playing field or in the operating room, keeping a clear head can lead to better performance and possibly even the trophy. Trion:Z Negative Ion bracelets are worn by world class athletes throughout the world to aid their mental agility.

You Are Seeking a Cool, Flexible Style

Trion:Z comes in many colors and a variety of styles inc. Silicone, Nylon and even Titanium. Trion:Z Silicone Bracelets are waterproof, adjustable, and available in an array of bright colors. Braided or Titanium Colantotte bracelets are great for a more dressed up look.

All Trion:Z Bracelets contains the natural, negative ion producing mineral tourmaline, a silicate mineral compounded with other important elements aiding Magnetic Therapy.