The NEW Colantotte Quon Loop

Introducing the NEW Colantotte Quon Loop wristband, named after Japanese word for “eternity”, that uses the power of magnetism to help improve circulation and relieve stiffness throughout the body.  

The Quon Loop contains four powerful magnets arranged in our unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™) which allows the magnetic force to affect a large three-dimensional area in order to help improve blood circulation.

Simple, Timeless Design

The Quon Loop wristband utilizes a classic design that never gets old, inspired by the checkered diamond patterns redolent of Japanese brands.

The subdued two-tone colour seamlessly blends in with everything, from day-to-day wear to the ever-shifting trends of athleisure fashion.

Colantotte Quon Loop Wristband – Now Available in Black, White and Blue

Adjustable, Custom Fit

One of the best features of the innovative Quon Loop is its use of silicon material which can be easily cut with scissors to adjust the length for the perfect personalised fit.

Using the numbers engraved on the bands surface as a guide, you can now customize the size by cutting along at the appropriate spot, allowing you to wear it with ease.

The premium silicon material is soft and elasticated which gives a snug fit when worn on your wrist.

How to size up your Quon Loop

STEP 1: open the clasp

  • Tools required: a pointed tool such as a flat-headed screwdriver, and a pair of scissors
  • Pull up the flap on the clasp
  • Open the clasp by pressing together the buttons on either side at the same time

STEP 2: detach the clasp from the bracelet

  • Turn the QUON inside out
  • Pry open the belt fasteners on both sides of the clasp with your pointed tool (e.g. screwdriver)
  • Pull out the bracelet away from the clasp

STEP 3: measure your wrist and adjust the Quon

  • Find the paper tape measure at the bottom of the instruction manual enclosed
  • Cut along the perforated dotted line to detach the tape measure
  • Wrap the tape measure around your wrist and check which number the arrow points to
  • Flip the QUON over and find the number that matches with that of the measuring tape
  • Take the scissors and carefully cut along the line, ensuring you leave the number you measured
  • Cut along the same line on the other side of the strap as well (*tip – it’s best to cut a longer length first as you can always shorten it later)

STEP 4: re-attach the clasp on to the Quon

  • Slide the QUON into the gap by the belt fasteners
  • IMPORTANT!! Leave approximately a 1mm space within the clasp fitting as shown in the demonstration
  • Press down the belt fastener until it clicks. Do this for both ends of the strap
  • Slide the QUON over your hand and close the clasp until it clicks into place
  • Lastly, close the flap on the clasp to secure it and you are ready to go!!

The Quon Loop is now available in three different introductory colours, Coal Black, Birch White and Abyssal Blue. Get yours here!