Like in all sports, it is essential to warm up and cool down before and after a game of golf.  Golf might be seen as quite a low-key sport but failing to limber up before a game can result in an injury.

Simple exercises are perfect not only for improving overall fitness but for helping to reduce injury. Here are some exercise tips for golfers recommended by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons to keep your body and game in tiptop condition.

Dumbbell lift

  • Hold on to a dumbbell and place your palms flat in front of you. Use your wrist and move the weight up and down. Repeat for ten times with each arm.

Wrist curls

  • Using a dumbbell and completing a series of wrist curls will help strengthen wrists, hands and forearms. Repeating for at least ten times with each hand, let the dumbbell fall to the fingertips, and then lift it on to the palm of the hand, curling the wrist and lifting the dumbbell.

The tennis ball squeeze

  • Strengthen, exercise and flex the muscles in your forearm by picking up a tennis ball and squeezing it alternately in each hand for approximately five minutes.

Rubber tubing exercises

  • Tie rubber tubing around an object at shoulder height. Grab the tubing in one hand and pulling it towards the chest and extend the arms. Repeat the exercise ten times with each hand.