Unlock the secret to pain-free living with Colantotte Necklaces, inspired by the incredible transformation experienced by our CEO, Paul Hendry. 

A successful career in squash and tennis took its toll on Paul’s joints, leading to surgery on both hips and a looming decision about a titanium disc for a neck injury.

Initially skeptical about ANSPO therapy, he tried a necklace due to persistent pain and was amazed by its effectiveness.

“The transformation was unbelievable, and within a month I had less pain and was able to sleep in my normal position, benefiting again with a pain-free all-night sleep. This was beyond my wildest dreams…”

Without hesitation Paul secured the UK and EU rights to sell the Trion:Z bracelets and Colantotte necklaces.

Don’t let neck and shoulder pain hold you back from living your best life. Join countless others, including our CEO, in experiencing the transformative power of Colantotte Necklaces.




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