Colantotte Wacle TWIN Necklace

You get a feeling of wellbeing just by wearing the Wacle TWIN Necklace

  • Six pieces of 120mT (1200G) rare-earth permanent magnets are embedded in silicone into line with the neck.
  • A feeling of wellbeing is created just by wearing the Wacle TWIN Necklace from improved blood circulation and relief of muscle stiffness in the neck and shoulders.
  • The front joint produces a modern and stylish taste with a double strand of silicone cords and features metal charms created by the use of metal kind to the skin and resistant to rust.
  • The new clasp is circular in cross-section. This makes it much easier to clasp and unclasp the Wacle TWIN Necklace.
  • The light, sporty, and elegant profile makes the Wacle TWIN Necklace perfect for wearing anywhere.
  • Silicone is a water – and sweat-resistant material commonly used in various sports.

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