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An Independently Verified NATURAL Way To Get Out On Your Bike More Often, Stay Out For Longer And Virtually Remove All Aches And Pains Without The Need For Popping Pills, Prescriptions Or Painful Side Effects…


Dear fellow cyclist,

one of the biggest problems many of us face when out on the bike is the reality that stiff joints or nagging injuries are on the rise.

As time in the saddle takes its toll and as more and more rides on the bike get sabotaged by sponge-like knees, the reality for most at our age is…  

Going Out For A Spin Is Harder
Now More Than Ever Before

Maybe you’ve started to feel the sharp stabbing pains in your knees and wrists as you move the bike in a certain direction. You’ve probably experienced being left out in the cold at the back of the pack as the cold harsh realities of just trying to keep up sinks in.

Arms, legs, hands and feet overrun by sharp, shooting stabbing or burning sensations, that leave even the most passionate of cyclist housebound and on a doctors waiting list without a second thought.

And now with the possibility of another health crisis about to hit the headlines, the other shoe is about to drop on the National Health Service – hard.

We Must Do Something Different To Stay Out On The Bike For Longer

…and stop our bodies collapsing like a house of cards!

It’s why many often turn to prescriptions, gels and bandages in the hope of relief. Only to find themselves months and months down the line, with the same old shooting pains within just a few short minutes of being back on the saddle. Worse still, for many the pain then transitions from the bike to everyday life, leaving your entire body feeling like one raw exposed nerve.

Perhaps You’ve Tried A Chiropractor Or Massage Therapist And Got “So-So” Results…

Sometimes the pain even fades into the darkness for days or even months on end.

But I’ll have you consider, that even if you’ve been lucky enough to have some short-term relief from the pain, or even found some knee bandages to make it bearable, you’ve still not found a permanent fix.

Yet, The Symptoms Always Return…

Which is why I want to introduce you to an independently verified natural way to get out on your bike more often, stay out for longer and virtually remove all aches and pains without the need for popping pills, prescriptions or painful side effects.

So Let Me Introduce…

The Zen Loop Polarized Therapy Wrist Band…


A Major Breakthrough For Cyclists With Joint Pain…

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Wear it for a full thirty days, experience the pain relief in your knees and your joints for yourself and if for any reason (or no reason) you’re not happy, just let us know and we’ll refund every penny.


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So Let Me Assure You It Works!

I’d like you to think about your last experience out on the bike for a minute, because I suspect that you might have felt some joint pain, some soreness or stiffness in your bones after the ride. 

Chances are there might be a part of your body that is still suffering now. One ride it might be your right knee, the next ride it could be your left; it may be your wrists or even your back too!

I know that most people that get out on the bike one or two times each week have tried something without success. Because most fixes aim to just dull or numb the pain, rather than offer a long-term solution.

But the good news is…

You Can Have Lasting Relief & Stay Active On Your Bike For Longer

And that’s why I recommend the Zen Loop, because FINALLY there is a natural remedy for cyclists and other sport enthusiasts to play for longer, in less or little pain.

Look – for years cyclists have been crippled by knee pain, and despite all of the of the research no one has found a good natural solution – UNTIL Japanese Scientists engineered Polarized Magnetic Ion Therapy.

The Zen Loop is a powerful Class 1 Medical Device 

Using a combination of medical grade Colantotte magnets that are aligned in a unique Alternating North South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO), the research team discovered that when worn on the wrist or neck while going out for a spin, they could greatly increase pain relief.

And to make things even more powerful, we then added up to four magnets each of which are charged to a maximum of 1000 Gauss, and Negative Ion producing minerals in our Ion Core braided rope bands for maximum effect.

Zen Loops are also infused with negative ions, producing up to 2,000cc negative ions per second. An ion is an atom or molecule charged with electricity.

Thermal image test

Results shown on the right are after wearing Zen Loop wristband for 90 minutes.

Typical magnetic devices either use magnets with minimal magnetic field penetration or cause like poles to repel. Colantotte uses an Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation to maximize the magnetic field flow.

The Feedback Has Been Incredible

Cyclists are telling us that they are back out on the bike an extra one or two times a week. And those that are out for a run three or more times are already saying that they can ride for longer, without the fear of aches and pains the following day.

So let me share something important with you. The key to this is wearing your Zen Loop every single day.

If you have been suffering from aches and pains after a long, or possibly even a short ride, then I recommend you wear this both on and off your bike.

“After a few weeks of wearing a Trion:Z band I couldn’t believe the difference! I tend to wake up feeling much less stiff and uncomfortable, and I have to say since I’ve been wearing this I haven’t had to take pain killers half as much as I used to. As a strong enthusiast for the great outdoors, It’s such a relief to the system and enables me to stay out and about which is what I look forward to the most each day!”


“Within weeks, I felt significantly better. Within months, I’d say the magnets had changed my life! I felt back to my normal self, positive and empowered. My husband’s jokes became funny again. I’d jump out of bed in the mornings ache-free. And much to my surprise, I’d ended up dropping a dress size from what I believe is all the extra rides I now go out on! So glad I found Trion:Z… I never want to take my bracelet off now.”


Secure your Zen Loop band today


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Of Course, It Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee

Which means, you can secure your Zen Loop wristband today, wear it for a full thirty days, experience the pain relief in your knees and joints for yourself and IF for any reason you’re not happy, just let us know and we’ll refund every penny.

Zen Loop’s Come With Independently Verified Polarized Ionic Technology

If You Suffer From Any Of The Following Problems Then The Zen Loop May Help You Dramatically…

Pain or stiffness in your knees, legs, ankles or wrists while you’re out for a spin...

Pain in your joints when you wake up the morning after a ride…

Discomfort in the saddle that interferes with your ride…

Inability to just “keep up” with the pack for long periods of time…

Imagine Your New Life

Imagine the possibility of beating your friends on the top of that hill climb…


You are the one finally leading the way on your Sunday spin

How about making it out for that extra ride each week?


You can get out for 2, 3 maybe even 4 rides a week

Or even being able to get down on the floor to play with the grandkids too?


Stay active for longer!

Are you ready to make riding your bike fun again?

And that’s because Zen Loop will be actively working on your body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will keep working as long as you keep wearing it!

Doctor Tells Her Patients : Just Try It

“I have used magnetic therapy for over twenty years, and found personal benefit from wearing a Trion:Z bracelet that generates both a magnetic field and negative ions. Although many people like to rubbish the use of these innovative approaches for well-being, I urge you to try it for yourself and form a genuine opinion without jumping to a knee-jerk conclusion.”

Dr. Sarah Brewer has written a series of Books about the physiological effects of the types of magnets and negative ions used in a Zen Loop, suggesting they have beneficial effects on wellbeing and exercise recovery.

Are You Ready For Complete Comfort In The Saddle?

Let’s say you’ve gone to the doctor; trouble is, once you get prescribed regular pills or gels there’s going to be that nasty continuous bill you end up paying over and over as you rely on them for relief.

But in reality, this average cost of £30 a month becomes a real burden for you as throughout the year you’re racking up over £300 worth of bills!

However, with the Zen Loop it’s such a small one-off investment to make, meaning you won’t need to do this sort of thing again and again

Average cost of £30 a month
becomes a real burden.

Let’s Fast Forward 30 Days In The Future…

You’ll wake up and feel more energetic to kick start the day ahead.

Imagine being able to move around freely without the fear of joint pain

Feel the positive differences from wearing a Zen Loop, both physically and mentally

Picture the freedom of doing exactly what you want when you want it

Enjoy Being Out On Your Bike Again?

Just think about it, people are reporting all sorts of successes.

Remember you can get on your bike more often, you can ride for longer and you can have more energy.

Either Zen Loop Will Work For You Or You Get Your Money Back…


Secure your Zen Loop band today

More Reasons You’ll Love This…


Hurry, get 10% OFF your order today.

Use the code BIKE10 at the checkout.

Cyclists report it works fast.

It’s 100% completely guaranteed.

And the price is completely reasonable!

100% Free Delivery (UK Mainland)