Colantotte COA Necklace LECT

Colantotte COA Necklace LECT

Specifically designed to be chic and stylish unlike ordinary magnetic necklaces, we have a top quality necklace with a mix of parts, some round and some bars.

The pendant top is designed with “CO” motif and two silver-coloured stainless steel plates also add a high class impression.

The mirror finish on the “C” portion, gives the pendant a solid and high-quality look.

  • Available in two sizes: Medium 47cm, Long 51cm.
  • Fourteen pieces of 80mT Rare-earth permanent magnets.
  • Colantotte unique Alternating North and South Polarity Orientation (ANSPOTM).
  • Chain, Clasp and Pendant Top are made from the finest Stainless Steel
  • Japanese Medical Device No.:302AGBZX00005000

The COA LECT necklace comes in a beautiful carbon-look, embossed finish for that extra touch of luxury. The feel of the box and its message of quality makes for the perfect gift for him or her.