Trion:Z Zen Loop Duo

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TRION:Z ZEN LOOP DUO magnetic therapy wristband with powerful negative ion producing minerals.

Keep your performance up at work or play.

Zen Loop Duo is Europe’s Best selling Magnetic Therapy bracelet.

Features an ION CORE™, central rubberised core infused with powerful negative ion producing minerals.

The brushed anodized black alu-steel power house POD capsule features polarized ANSPO magnetic technology working together to make Zen Loop Duo the most powerful product of its type on the market today.

Perfect if you are looking for a clean, comfortable and stylish design which is ideal for work and play.

  • Magnetic secure auto fit clasp for ease of fit. Easy to put on or take off.
  • Climbing rope construction, strength tested to 50 kg
  • FIVE great colourways
  • Sizes to fit everyone
  • Polarized anodized brushed Pod Capsule containing 4 x 1,000 Gauss Magnets with Trion:Z patented ANSPO technology
  • Trion:Z negative ion infused ION CORE™ producing over 1,500 negative ions per second

How tight you wear the bracelet is based on personal preference. However, we always advise to choose a larger size than your actual wrist size, in particular for the Zen Loop Duo and Icon Loop as these do not stretch like the silicon products. We make these a little larger to allow for the clasp to open/fasten. See our size guide for more information.

Measure around your wrist using a piece of string or tape measure then purchase the closest maximum size to your actual wrist size, for instance if your wrist measures 19cm choose the LARGE size.

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