Trion:Z – Help for Heroes

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Trion:Z magnetic bracelets are the best-selling in Europe, and combine the Trion:Z patented Ionic and Magnetic Therapy into one unique and stylish wristband. Our Help for Heroes range have TWO identical loops of Negative Ion releasing “Mineon Health Fibre®” and twin patented ANSPO orientated therapeutic magnets. These are the most powerful and unique performance wristband on the market

  • Dual Loops of Mineon Health Fibre® Negative-Ion producing material: 50- 100 stronger than any other product on the market.
  • 2 x 1,000 Gauss Magnets with patented ANSPO technology.
  • Colour combinations to suit everyone.

Trion:Z magnetic therapy bracelets feature powerful Colantotte magnets, infused with negative ions. The unique polarized technology is considered by many professionals to be an extremely powerful form of alternative therapy.

Trion:Z magnetic therapy negative ion gear is the #1 sports accessory perfect for supporting YOU in YOUR active lifestyle. Why do we stand head and shoulders above the competition? We have Japanese Medical Approval, use patented ANSPO magnetic therapy technology unique to us and hold a Class 1 CE Mark.

Get your Help for Heroes magnetic bracelet at this special low price. Millions of people worldwide say that wearing magnetic therapy products helps give a feeling of wellbeing and reduce joint pain.

So, when you buy and wear yours, you’ll feel better, and you’ll know that you are contributing to a great cause.

Help for Heroes. Wear yours with pride.