How I became involved in Trion:Z

Paul Hendry CEO of Trion:Z – My Factual Story

After years of playing squash to a high level, including coaching at the prestigious Grasshopper Club in Zurich, I have always wanted my love for sport to be a business.

During my late 30’s and early 40’s, I still maintained a high level of competitiveness, competing at County level in both Squash and Tennis. Unfortunately, like so many other Athletes, playing at this level took its toll on my joints, and at the age of just 48, I had both my hips re-surfaced with steel joints, which stopped me playing squash, but did allow me the opportunity to return to exercise. I exercised on a regular basis at the gym with the use of weights and cardio machines. One day in the gym, I pulled what I thought at the time was a muscle in my neck and dropped a barbell whilst training my biceps. The pain was excruciating and it was as though I had lost all my strength in my left arm. I rested for a while but eventually as I couldn’t train without pain, I went to see my Doctor who referred me to a specialist Neck and Back surgeon.

A MRI scan revealed I had slipped and ruptured my Cervical Vertebrae, C3 joint in my neck and he had diagnosed that I would need to consider surgery and a titanium disc insert in my neck to support the joint. The thought of this scared the hell out of me and I was very concerned about this as an operation, and certainly opposed to more metal joints, I was becoming bionic!

For a period of about 6 months, I rested from the gym, but still maintained stretching and manipulation of my neck. During this time sleeping in bed was uncomfortable and I had many sleepless nights with frustration and pain. I always slept best lay on my front and turned my head to the LH side, this became an impossibility with the pain.

Still having to work and run my Golf Distribution business, I was attending a Retailers sales meeting in Switzerland where I was to present the main brand I was representing at the time, to all their staff in a training session. Flying was a real issue and the cramped seats in economy class, caused me so much discomfort with my neck, but hey I had to work to earn income, so needs must, I was Zurich bound.

The day before the conference, I had lunch with the owner of the retail group and an American that had made the long trip from Houston to present his golf brand and a new brand he was involved in called Trion:Z. Over lunch he insisted on pitching me and extoling the benefits of his Trion:Z bracelet and how it was helping relieve pain, improve mobility and help stress!! Being a sceptical English man, I thought here we go, another sales pitch about a product, that was selling thousands in the US, was based on far eastern philosophies of Zen, Ying and Yang and how this bracelet was to become a huge success as 100’s of PGA Tour Golfers were now fighting to try one, without the need for remuneration. I thought the guy was on drugs, he was so hyped and he persuaded me to consider taking on the brand in Europe. At the time, I turned down his offer, as I was certainly not a believer in alternative therapy.

He insisted on sending me some samples to try, so out of courtesy, I thought I had to give the therapy a go as I was very down and de-motivated with my latest diagnosis and the continuous pain. I decided to try a bracelet and the Necklace which was apparently, loaded with the ANSPO therapy. Hopefully wearing both would give it the best chance of success. Being a male, at the time, Necklaces were not really worn by men, but I could wear it hidden under my shirts, but hey, if this could help me it was worth giving it a go.

I had no confidence it would help, and certainly no perceived expectation of any results, but I gave it a go.

After wearing and sleeping with the necklace, I was blown away by the results. The transformation was unbelievable and within a month I had less pain and was able to sleep in my normal position, and benefiting again with a pain free all night sleep. This was beyond my wildest dreams and certainly not placebo.

I had ventured back to the gym and was exercising again on a regular basis, I even started playing tennis again. This had created a feeling of well-being and had boosted my motivation and positivity and I was feeling so much more alive and ecstatic about the results.

Without hesitation, I had to take on Trion:Z in the UK and jumped on a flight to Orlando to meet with the US team where I secured the rights to the UK and several other EU markets.

I came back to the UK and preached the benefits of Trion:Z to many UK retailers and distributors. This wasn’t an easy sell, even though I told the same story, they thought I had lost my mind. How could a polaraized magnetic ion bracelet sell in the UK for £20+. I was told to lay off the stuff I was smoking!

Despite this we launched our website and the rest is history. The retailers then came knocking.

I know what you’re thinking, surely the owner of the Company would say this, and you’re right in your thinking!! But I can assure you this is fact and was my reason for taking on a brand that had millions of sceptics and non-believers. I was convinced and since then never looked back. With millions in sales across the globe, thousands of testimonials like mine and millions of believers, I am forever grateful for Trion:Z.

Its enabled me at 62 years of age, to avoid an expensive, invasive and painful operation, that had no guarantee of success and now lead an active lifestyle, going to the gym 4 times a week and participating in CrossFit sessions, and I’ve not finished yet!

My advice to any sceptic, is to be open minded, never close your mind to the possibilities. I’ve faced so many challenges from Governing Bodies, wanting clinical evidence, and many people choosing to rubbish the use of these innovative approaches for well-being, I urge you to try it for yourself and form a genuine opinion without jumping to a knee-jerk conclusion. I did and never looked back!!

Thank God for Trion:Z.