In April 2016 Trion:Z and Colantotte commissioned a survey to all its customers that had purchased in 2016. This survey was conducted online using the Survey Monkey software. An invite to complete the survey was sent out via email.

Our aim was to find out:

  • What are the key demographics of our customer base. Age, gender, interests etc…sm_logo_stacked_standard
  • How are they benefiting from using Trion:Z and Colantotte products?
  • How they found out about us?
  • And would they recommend us to their family and friends?

Using this information will allow us to develop more new and exciting products for our customers in the near future. So remember to keep checking our website for the latest news and products. Below you will find the results that we collected. We hope these are useful to you. The information below was last updated on our website on 11th July 2016. You can check out the latest results by visiting Survey Monkey directly. Please note that customers sensitive information, such as name and email address has been removed from the results to ensure we comply with the Data Protection Act of 1998.

General Fact Finding

Age Group
How did you hear about Trion:Z?

Some interesting results here for us here. It appears that many our users are in the age range of 30 to 60 years old. Slightly older then we expected, but not surprising when you consider the health benefits of Trion:Z and Colantotte products. Our products are currently the strongest on the market. A real favourite in 2016 has been the Trion:Z Ultra Loop which our most powerful product with 4x 1,000 Gauss magnets.

Its great to see that lots of our customers found out about Trion:Z and Colantotte via our many sponsored athletes/ambassadors and recommendations from family and friends. A real testament!

What sports do you watch or participate in?

Lots of data to analyse here. We always expected to see the popular sports in the UK rank highly such as Football, Cricket and Golf. It seems the British love affair with Cycling is still growing and growing. Cycling is a sport which relies on marginal gains, Trion:Z can help give you that little bit of edge on the competition. Why not see for yourself, check out what sports stars wear Trion:Z and Colantotte in our TEAM:Z section

Our survey has highlighted how popular Trion:Z and Colantotte are throughout the sporting world. From Archery to Yoga, people (either they be competitors or spectators) reap the benefits of our products.

How long have you worn Trion:Z?
How has Trion:Z benefited you?
Would you recommend Trion:Z?